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Using Assessments

Assessment related to personal health, vocational and educational aptitude, intelligence, and daily living skills is something people who have disabilities experience regularly throughout their lifetimes. Assessment done inadequately may result in not only inaccurate results but also may potentially cause the person being assessed to feel dehumanized, stigmatized or even fearful. Ensuring accuracy and thoroughness in assessment results can potentially have long ranging impact in many important areas including maintaining health and safety, obtaining and retaining appropriate funding, and fully accessing community resources and opportunities. In this course you will investigate assessments used in the human services field. In addition to this overview of formal and informal assessments you will examine ways to prepare a person for an assessment and approaches to assist people to participate actively in the assessment process. This course also looks at potential ethical problems that can arise before, during, or after the assessment process and discusses ways to address those issues. While completing this course, you will review a variety of assessments commonly used with people who have disabilities and apply what you have learned in real life scenarios. This course is written for direct support professionals and frontline supervisors who support people with disabilities.
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Using Assessments
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