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Person Centered Planning for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities $30.00
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Person Centered Planning for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Everyone, including individuals with developmental disabilities, has hopes and dreams about making their lives better. Historically, service plans for supporting individuals with developmental disabilities were written to satisfy rules and regulations; they seldom explored what the individuals hoped for in their lives. Nor did they describe the supports or activities that would be necessary to help people move toward their desired lives. Person-centered planning is a way to determine what an individual with developmental disabilities wants her or his life to look like, as well as to identify the kinds of supports necessary to help the person get there. This course is designed to give you the tools you need to incorporate person-centered thinking and planning into your work supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. In this course, you will learn about what makes person-centered planning different from traditional approaches to developing service plans for individuals with developmental disabilities. You'll learn about the importance of distinguishing between what is important to an individual and what is important for that individual, as well as the importance of teamwork in using the person-centered planning approach. Through interactive lessons, personalized planning strategies, and descriptive examples, you will learn how to implement the person-centered approach to supporting the individuals with developmental disabilities with whom you work. This course is appropriate for entry level to intermediate staff and managers.
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Person Centered Planning for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
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